The Goldhawk Road Demos

by Andre Shlimon

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    It's your life and it's ending one day at a time. So why not fritter away a bit more of it listening to these songs? I mean, what else are you going to do? Surely better than idly surfing the net on company time. And it's free. FREE MUSIC! (Donations welcome).

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Studio demos from the 00s, solo acoustic and with the band The Goldhawk Road Conspiracy.
All proceeds to go to the Shlimon-Ledesma foundation for out of work bass players and rhythm guitarists.

'Best band in the world. That's what you wanted me to say, right?' - Boston December, Bristol.
'45 seconds I'll never get back. And afterwards he made me listen to his band's crappy demo as well' - Rebecca, Brooklyn.
'Not nearly as good as idly surfing the internet at work, but it'll do I guess' - Ed, Cleveland.
'I met them at a gig and they were jerks, especially the singer' - Dean, London.


released November 4, 2015

All music and lyrics by Andre Shlimon.
Guitar and vocals - Andre Marquez-Schmitt
Bass - Danny Leibowitz (tracks 4-7)
Drums - Sam Doe (tracks 4 & 5), Olly Smith (tracks 6 & 7)

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent)



all rights reserved


Andre Shlimon Bristol, UK

Andre Shlimon is an alternative-classical pianist and composer, singer-songwriter and poet. Like a classically trained, piano playing Leonard Cohen, who sings more like Neil Young.

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Track Name: Orange Paint
...She said she saw the world in yellow and orange paint
Track Name: Blue Room
dancing in the blue room
with shackles on our feet
fingers twisting in the wind
with rattles on our feet

backed-up in the corner
we'll throw food at the intruders
hide behind the bar
spray soda on their cigars
splatter their suits and ties
rubber bullets and custard pies

I'm in love with Americans
I'm in love with librarians
Track Name: Ballad in Ab ecstatic rain she rang in the blues
she said open up your heart
Track Name: Last Dream
I bolted down the front door
had to find a way to keep the ghosts out
they came in through the keyhole
all the things he said we could do without

I ran across the street and I
jumped up and over my neighbour's house
I melted into the atmosphere
I water and hide in the garden now

And I tried to believe it
and I tried to explain
and I tried to believe it...
Track Name: Surely, Mr Morley
Surely Mr Morley you must be joking
the papers were saying it was all over
but we were talking like we were kings

Surely Mr Morley we've all seen this film before
Think I know just how it ends
I feel empty but I want some more
Sure I know the final score...
Track Name: Throwing Stones held your breath
till the world went numb
and daylight flooded in
you held the edge
hoping help would come
a hand to welcome you in...
Track Name: Rock 'n' roll alibi
Think you're so damn rock 'n' roll
it knocked you on the head and it left you cold

Act like a king but you look like a thief (rpt)
Couldn't learn how to sing so you learned how to lie
not a rock 'n' roll band it's your rock 'n' roll alibi

Ain't no damn friend of mine
you hit me on the head and you robbed me blind
Track Name: Spells
... if I was a freak, we were wrapped tightly
and I waited to be called so quietly...
Track Name: Breathe
...small feet crawling under my skin
tiny wings fluttering...
Track Name: Dog Eared Day
...oh give me some of your dirty vodka
give me some of your dirty loving...
Track Name: Window Sill Shuffle
Living on a window sill
you try to come to terms with
all the things that came your way
all the changes
all the friends and stomach aches
that you could take
the pills only made you sad
lost friends and angel cake

and you're tired of coming home
the ghosts don't leave you alone